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Up until recently, all calls on mobile networks in Australia went out (and some still do) over the 3G networks, while data went out and still does, over the 4G networks of the Australian Telco's, such as Telsta, Vodafone and Optus.

4G VoLTE (voice over long term evolution) is one of the newer technologies introduced, that allows calls to go out over the 4G networks. One of the benefits of VoLTE is better sounding voice calls and the ability to use voice and data at the same time.

You will notice that most of the phones we sell on our site have VoLTE capability. It is important to understand that unless your account (sim card) and or the phone make and model are provisioned by your Telco to work on their VoLTE networks, you will not be able to use this technology.

Contact your Telco and request that they provision your account (sim card) and or phone for VoLTE. Once provisioned your Telco will assist you with turning on "VoLTE" on your phone. If you need further tech support and or the Android code to access the page to turn on "VoLTE" on your phone, please contact us.

Generally speaking, phones on this site with VoLTE capability and running Android 10 or above, should be able to connect to the various VoLTE networks but as per our terms and conditions, it is your responsibility to check with your telco first.

VoWiFi (voice over wifi or wifi calling) technology requires the phone to have particular software installed for it to work. Phones on this site running Android 10 and above should be able to use the VoWiFi service that is currently being offered by some Telco's.  If you live or work in an area where mobile phone reception is limited this is a great option, as your phone will automatically receive and make HD phone calls over your wifi network without having to dial any special codes.

Please check the phone listing to make sure it supports VoWiFi. Then check with your Telco that they will support this feature on the phone you wish to purchase, before purchasing.

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