4G Extended Networks


Telstra, Optus and Vodafone

If you live or work in rural or regional Australia and require a rugged phone that is compatible with the 4G extended networks of these Australian telco's then look for phones on this site that display the "4G Extended" logo under the main picture of each phone.

What is "4G Extended"

Australians living and working in rural and regional areas benefit from superior call quality and reception when they have a handset that is compatible with a 4G Extended network. You can click here to see them listed from lowest price to highest price.

Common Marketing Terms

Telco's use different names to refer to handsets and networks that offer benefits in a rural or outback location. Names such as "Blue Tick", "4GX", "4G Extended", "Top Pick" and "4G Plus" are common, so look out for these when selecting a new phone.